~Serving Community for 8 Years ~ Excellent Prices ~ Free parking ~ADA Compliant ~Individual Care~

WellfitMassage is on the East side of town, in a great location with free parking, easy and last-minute online scheduling, and generous availability on Weekends, Mondays, and Fridays. WellfitMassage offers a wide array of individualized bodywork techniques such as Massage Therapy to help melt away tension and pain and to help improve how you feel. You can expect professional therapeutic bodywork modalities from highly trained, professional, and State licensed massage therapists.

The standards of Universal Healthcare Precautions have always been followed in this practice, HEPA air sanitation and hospital-grade sanitation products are used. The room is sanitized between every session, and clean linens are always used per client. Classic Table Massage is what most people consider Relaxation, 'Deep Tissue', Swedish Massage, etc where you lie on a table, under covers and the therapist manipulates your soft tissues in various therapeutic ways.  In Neural Reset Therapy (A specific modality in more clinical and complex care) we work over your clothing utilizing manual resets using hands, a triangle tapper, or massage wands, with you standing, sitting, or laying on the table sometimes doing specified and gentle active movements.  The therapy releases tension, soreness, and discomfort and increases relaxation. It's a dynamic and very effective treatment. Read more about it: Neural Reset Therapy